Vinyl Fencing

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Vinyl Fencing - Maintenance Free & Durable

Vinyl Fencing | Precision Services LLC - Houma, LA

Vinyl fencing is the industry leading, maintenance free and durable fencing solution for privacy and security fencing systems. With a wide variety of colors and styles available there is a vinyl fencing system that will meet all of your desired features in a fencing solution.

Vinyl fencing comes in several different styles including:

Picket Fencing - Usually 3–4 feet tall

Split Rail - Usually 3–4 feet tall

Privacy - Usually 6 feet tall but occasionally 8 feet tall

Semi-private - Usually 6 feet tall, sometimes 8 feet tall

Contemporary - Often 6 feet tall but as tall as 8 feet

Generally, picket fencing systems are used in front yard or property division applications where privacy is not wanted or required. Split rail fencing is often decorative but is considered livestock retention fencing. Contemporary and semi-private fencing applications are the most versatile fencing solution as they add some privacy but still allow you to see through different areas of the fence. Privacy fencing is usually in backyards and surrounding pools to provide the highest level of security and privacy.

Vinyl fencing can last up to five times longer than wood fencing but that is not the only reason to choose a vinyl system, other reasons include:

• Lasts longer than wood fencing
• Maintenance-free
• Can rinse clean with a water hose
• Stronger than wood when properly installed
• Rot- and rust-free
• Maintains appearance
• Color is consistent and doesn’t show scrapes or scratches

When we come to your home to quote your vinyl fencing needs, our goal is to provide you with the fencing solution you need that fits your budget. Our professional installers and contractors will provide you will all the honest answers and solutions that are available to help assist you in making to right choice for your fencing requirements.

Precision Services LLC has the expert vinyl fencing installation and repair capabilities that you need! If you are in Houma, LA or the surrounding area, call us today!